About the Artist

Roland Briggs grew up enjoying each experience he had hunting, fishing, and riding horses in the back country of southwest Montana and western Wyoming. From these experiences he has developed a love and passion for wildlife and scenery, which he is able to express through his art.

Just out of high school, Roland started to work full- time at Lone Tree Leather Works as a belt maker. Leather quickly became his favorite medium to work with and a perfect match for his style of art.

The custom belt art and wall art begin early in the years of Lone Tree Leather Works with a request for an Alaskan themed belt. With a lot of friendly prodding from Dad, Roland was eventually convinced to team up with him on the project. They put together a nice belt that the customer was very pleased with. This experience was evidence enough for Roland that there was a real interest for these unique types of belts and wall art pieces. It also gave him the confidence he needed to get started.

Now after years of practice and experience, Lone Tree Leather Works is able to provide you with a truly unique and rare treasure. It allows you to express your passion and love for the outdoors and wildlife/ animals on durable leather that will last for years to come. Because each piece is hand-carved and stamped, no two are ever exactly alike - providing you with a one of a kind piece of art personalized to you.

The Briggs family has been big game hunters and outdoors men in the West for over five generations and has always had a great love and respect for the Wildlife of the West. Belt maker William Briggs has been a professional elk hunting guide / outfitter for over twenty years.

From William - "Our son Roland is a very gifted artist specializing in pencil sketches, scratch art and sculpture. Naturally, the ol' belt carver twisted Roland's arm into trying his hand at some leather art - we bought him some special tools and WOW - are we excited with the results! We have carved out a few of these belts with a Rocky Mountain Elk theme - they are amazing and they require a great deal of time and skill to complete."

 If you are interested in ordering one of these wildlife theme belts, please click HERE to fill out an order form. 

One thing you can count on, these belts will be completely unique and likely become a collectors item one day. Call (406) 285-2522 to talk to Roland about your special project.  

Wildlife Series

Western/ Rodeo Series

The Western/ Rodeo Series was born when we sponsored a bronc rider. We wanted to give him a little extra personalization on his belt. We filled in what normally would be concho spots with carvings of a bronc rider, something we are happy to offer you today! 

The Series progressed from there - we now offer full custom art belts with a rodeo/ western theme as you see below. 

Belt maker Roland Briggs truly has a blast creating these belts for people across the world. If you have a vision of a belt you want, he can make it come to life! Get in touch today by clicking the order now button below.


Base Price: $495.00

This price includes a full length custom art belt - that is animals and scenery covering the whole belt. Buckstitching, conchos, and other features will be extra. You can find pricing for these on our Add-on Features page.

When you place an order, we will get in touch with you about designing the specific details of your belt as well as set a price. The specific details and length of the belt can vary the price.

A set of custom concho spots carved is $50, and additional spots can be added for $20 per image.

A basic art panel (scenery) in place of a name in the back will typically run somewhere around $60, with a parallel increase in price to increase in detail. We will typically price things on a case to case basis. Please send us an email to get a quote!

If you want these smaller images in the concho spots on one of our custom hand tooled leather belts please click HERE to submit an order form. 

Click photos to see bigger images.

A single custom image on the tip is $50.

Custom Hand Tooled Belt Art