*** Finishes F-001 through F-007 are free and included with the price of the patterns listed on the patterns/prices page

Mahogany Red                              F-001

Excellent natural leather color that significantly enhances tooling

Oakwood Brown                           F-002

Highly attractive brown - does a great job darkening and enhancing the tooling marks

Natural                                            F-003

Old timers favorite - tool marks are dark brown from casing / tooling- natural leather look.

Brown                                              F-004

Dark chocolate brown, semi-gloss

Black                                                F-005

Black leather with a semi-gloss coat

Russet                                             F-006

Very attractive tan tone

Chestnut                                          F-007

Rich reddish tone that is among our most popular choice for a finish

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 F-009 Black and Tan Finish                        $85.00
F-008 Red Rock Special Finish                         $85.00
F-010 Buckskin Finish                         $85.00
 F-011 Black and Oak Finish                        $85.00