Custom Features


Original tooling patterns crafted by our very own belt makers. We have a variety of options including floral, geometric, and edge border patterns.

Pick your favorite style of western belt - cowboy, tapered, rancher, or ranger. Visit this page to get an explanation of your options.

The finish you choose has a big impact on your hand-tooled belt. From mahogany red to oakwood brown, these finishes will really bring out the details of your belt. Add a colored background to make your belt pop.

This is where you can really personalize your custom belt! Add your brand to the end, your name on the back, or a stitched edge border to really make your belt unique!

We have a nice selection of buckle sets available to put the finishing touch on your work of art.

Conchos are the perfect way to add some nice accents. Add a pair to frame your name on the back, or line your whole belt with them!

We do not sell retail leather belts.  We build them one at a time, hand crafting each feature according to the customer's desires.  Our belts are a true work of art in leather; each one is very unique.   Tooling patterns are designed by our own craftsman, not copied from other makers.  The features of the patterns are installed with a swivel knife and individual stamp tools requiring, in some cases, several hours to install.

At Lone Tree Leather Works, we have built our thriving business around one term . . . “Custom Leather Belt”. By definition, the word “custom” when referring to our genuine leather belts means that our customers can literally choose from the wide variety of options that we offer in creating an order for the finished product. These options will contribute greatly to the appearance and personalization of the belt but can also add strength and/or function with respect to the buckle or buckle set you intend to use on your belt. Your belt will be truly unique - to match your personality, lifestyle, and function.

When placing your order, we want you to realize that there is a step by step process that should be followed. This process is critical to ensure that we avoid misunderstandings and mistakes. Our online order form will take you through each critical step. Some features or selections are required, others are optional.







Optional Features

Required Features

Size is absolutely critical! We have our own method of figuring out your size - this page will show you exactly how to measure for your new belt.


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