Cowboy Classic
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Western Wildlife  Frame-able Wall Art
           by Roland W Briggs​
Chances are the thought that is going through your mind is  . . . ."Wow, I've never seen anything like that in leather!"  If that is what you are thinking, you are right - we haven't seen anything like this carved in leather either.    Having worked in the leather medium creating hundreds of pieces of art in the custom belt format, we have come to appreciate the qualities of leather with respect to color, depth of field and detail.   Our son Roland has been developing his gift for sketch art on custom leather belts in a 1" width format with amazing results.   At one point it occurred to us that a 1" format was terribly restrictive!   Well, we called up our supplier and ordered up some big chunks of good ol' Hermann Oak saddle grade carving leather and turned him  loose.  Displayed here are four of his first efforts.  To say we were highly rewarded is a gross understatement.    These images of wildlife and the American West are simply incredible on leather.  Just like any other finely tooled leather item, pictures do not do them justice.  The 3-D effect that deeply carved leather provides cannot be duplicated in any other medium.  Also, be aware that leather is completely unforgiving  - these images are created with individual knife cuts.  One mistake hours into the project and its time to start over.

These pieces will be collectors items without any question simply due to the fact that artwork of this quality is very rarely, if ever, carved into leather on a large scale.  Even more unique will be Roland's particular style.    This young man has a lot of years of leather carving in front of him so ​​why not take advantage of this opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a signed and dated copy of your own particular project.  If you are interested in commissioning Roland W Briggs to create a piece unique to your interests in western wildlife or horses, please fill out the form below and tell us in the comments section what your theme would be.  We will contact you for discussion about how to bring your idea to life.   
   Thanks for looking!​      - Lone Tree Leather Works
12" x 12"   Rocky Mountain Big Horn Ram                       $475.00
12" x 14"  Whitetail  Buck                                                         $475.00
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17"  x  10"   Big Bull & Cows                                                             $550.00
"Ol'  Teddy"        8" x 10"                                        $ 275.00

For questions about our Wall Art or to discuss your project, please contact
​Lone Tree Leather Artist Roland Briggs at (406) 285-2522