Featured Bargain Shop Belt - BS 182

Tooling Pattern: Rolling River

Style: Cowboy (1 1/2")

Finish: Oakwood Brown

Size: 48"

Absolutely beautiful belt! No flaws. Comes with conchos and buckle set

B-013. $195.00

Welcome to the Bargain Shop

Everybody likes a bargain right? Well, we'd like to throw some your way.

During the course of our business, we generate some belts that are not sent out as regular orders. Some are just for experimentation, or for practice, or a dozen other reasons. Other times we get the size a little bit off or forget to add conchos. All of these belts are marked 20% to 30% off regular price.

These belts are not seconds or rejects with flaws or major problems; they are good, functional belts that just need a good home. If there are problems or flaws, it will be noted in the description. Some of these belts are of exceptional quality and truly are a steal. If there is a buckle in the picture, it will be included with the belt. Photos are of the actual belt you will receive.

These belts do not carry our normal 30 day unconditional guarantee - however, we are very serious about your satisfaction so if you receive one of these bargain shop belts and there is a major problem with it or for whatever reason, you cannot use it, please contact us and we will work something out -

Actual sizes are noted so PLEASE, take the time to go to our sizing page and measure for size according to 

our system so you know for sure if these belts will fit - thanks! We charge $15 for shipping.

Happy shopping!

* These are unique belts that have already been built. If you want to order a belt with similar features, please start the process here.

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