Hand Tooled Leather Belts
by: Lone Tree Leather Works
      Dell, Montana

After you have decided to make an order, the next natural question is, "What size do I need?"

We offer 1" (2.5cm) up to   1 3/4" (4.5 cm)
1​ 1/4 inch is great for dress belts or some womens belts
1 1/2 inch is a good standard width for MOST pant loops.  
1 3/4 inch width is great for big men or for those who hang a holster or other heavy items from their belt.  The extra width will help your belt hold up to heavy use and avoid stretching.  
***** Please make sure your pant loops will allow 1 3/4 width *****

It's really not complicated at all and here is the process that we ask that you use to ensure that you tell us the size that will fit you just right.  Keep in mind that sizing a belt is something less than an exact science and we do punch five holes in each belt to allow for a significant adjustment.  If you use our system, 99% of the time we get it perfect on fit.

So here we go -

1) Get your hands on the belt you are using currently. Will you use the same buckle on your new belt?  If so, then proceed.  If you plan to use a different buckle, you will have to add or subtract slightly to the measurement - add the difference for a shorter buckle or subtract if you plan to use a longer one

2) Lay your belt out upside down -  flat on a table.

3) Using a measuring tape, measure from the fold where the buckle is attached down to the hole you currently hook your buckle in the most often.  

***This measurement will be very close to your ideal belt size.  In this case, the size would be a 38"  This will be the center hole on your new belt.  We punch two holes on each side of the center hole for adjustment.

*** Please make this measurement 
for your order form and do not assume that your pants size will work - thanks!

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