Gift Certificates
If you are thinking about purchasing a custom hand tooled western leather belt as a gift for a friend, your spouse or other family member and you are struggling trying to decide on all the features or options they would like - why not just give them a Gift Certificate and let them decide on all of the details!  

Most of our leather products are designed and crafted to last a lifetime.  For that reason it might be important for the person receiving the custom leather item to actually be able to choose each feature they would like.  Besides that, it is much more convenient for the gift giver!

For ​​​​these reasons and more, we offer Gift Certificates for those wishing to provide one of our hand tooled, hand crafted genuine leather products as a gift.   Each certificate issued will be assigned a number and entered into our system as an official order associated with the receiver's name.  When the person receiving the certificate is ready to order, they can just provide us with their name and the gift certificate number to confirm the order has been paid in full when submitting their order.

To complete your purchase of a gift certificate, just choose the options you would like to include from the pricing breakdown below and fill out the order form to include the total amount desired on the certificate and submit it to us.   When we receive your order form, we will send you a confirmation that we have received the form with your gift certificate number.   For payment, you can just send us your personal check or make a payment via Pay Pal.  When we receive your payment, we will then send you "paid in full" invoice and your gift certificate​​ complete with our original signature (or a copy if requested via email) for delivery as your gift.  The certificate will have all the details of the purchase on it as well as our contact information.

Hand tooled custom leather belts - - - -
        Base price basket weave pattern            $ 155.00​
        Base price any floral pattern                   $ 215.00 - $285.00
        Border pattern                                         $  115.00​​​​
        Half Breed pattern                                   $ 185.00
        Black and Tan/Red Rock finish              $ 70.00/extra
        Ranger Style                                             $ 75.00/extra
        Lined and Stitched                                   $  65.00/extra
        Colored Background                               $  70.00/extra
       Add a name, initials or cattle brand       $ 20.00   (for each)
       Add a standard buckle set -                      $  30.00
       Add a set of conchos (2)                            $  10.00​


** Any custom artwork or special designs will be extra​​
Paying by personal check:

Payable:  Lone Tree Leather Works

Bill & DeAnn Briggs
Lone Tree Leather Works
PO Box 240083
Dell, Montana  59724

Paying via Pay Pal​​:
Copyright Lone Tree Leather Works 2016 *** Custom made, hand-tooled western leather belts
Copyright Lone Tree Leather Works 2016*** Custom made, hand-tooled western leather belts