Lone Tree Leather Works
Dell, Montana
The finish you choose for your hand tooled leather belt will have a very dramatic effect upon the appearance but particularly on the tooling. Finishes can accentuate or really highlight the edges of the tool marks.  If you value the look of natural leather we have that finish available also -

If you are looking to turn heads, the Red Rock Special and Black and Tan specialty finishes are the way to go.

***  F-001 through F-005 finishes are free and included with the price of the patterns listed on the patterns/prices page​​
Mahogany Red            F-001

* Excellent natural leather color and          significantly enhances tooling
Oakwood Brown          F-002

* Highly attractive brown also does a          great job enhancing the tooling.
  Natural                         F-003

* Old timers favorite - tool marks are dark    brown from casing / tooling. - natural          leather look 
  Brown                          F-004

Dark chocolate Brown - semi gloss

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  Black                           F-005

* We can use black leather, and then add a        semi - gloss finish.
Colored Background          F-006

​This particular option was very popular back in the 1950's and 60's.  We like it so much we have decided to bring it back.    It's a real eye grabber!

​This option is only available in combination with any of our floral patterns  - due to difficulties combining the various colors with our dyed finishes, colored backgrounds can only be combined with our "Natural" finish - that is the finish depicted in the photo examples listed here.  The exception to that rule is black back ground - it can be combined very nicely with the Mahogany Red or Oakwood Brown finishes.

​When using our order form, if you want a colored background just tell us in the comments section and indicate the color desired.  We do have other colors available in addition to those listed here.​​


​Due to the time and stress involved in this delicate process, it is the only finish we charge extra for  -

Add  $85.00 to a custom order for this option
Red Rock Special  Finish     F-007              $85.00    
These amazing new combinations of leather, black background and finish is our own little company secret. 

​​They are without a doubt, the most dynamic color combinations we have ever seen in a genuine leather belt.  Soft and luxurious in both feel and appearance, the leather in these belts is unlike anything you have ever seen.  Add this very special finish combo to any of our floral patterns for $85.00 extra

Names, initials and other special features will cost extra.​​  

Black and Tan Finish       F - 008               $85.00
Real West Series --------------------------
If you prefer a heavier format for added strength and rigidity with a smooth lining sewn into your belt, you can request our lined and stitched option on almost any custom belt combination.   We use light weight horse hide for the liner glued in place and stitched along the border for a long-lasting, highly durable combo.

​Please add  $75.00  for this option.  

Lined and Stitched  -  F-012
Buck Stitching on edges  F - 010
Here's a very nice option that was very popular back in the 60's and 70's.  It adds another visual color dynamic for more color contrast

Available colors are white, black and brown​​

​We do not have machinery to install lacing - This feature requires a minimum of five hours of hand labor - ​​for that reason, we must charge for the time invested. 

Please add  $95.00  for this option​​
Border Stitching   F - 009
We'll gladly run a nice line of stitching along the borders of your new belt - this feature is for decoration only - 

Available colors are white, brown and black​​

Please add  $45.00  for this option​​
Other Options available:
****Custom made sterling silver conchos available through Edna Harper of New Mexico
Looped Lacing on edges   F - 011
Here is a unique version of the edge lacing that is a real "eye-grabber"  Same idea as the buck stitching just a different style. Colors available are white, tan, black and brown

Please add $135.00 for this option​​
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CB-001                                                                  Riot Red
CB-002                                                             Pacific Blue
CB-003                                                       Emerald Green
CB-004                                                         Prince Purple
CB-005                                                                Jet Black
Russet                         F-006
Chestnut                       F-007
* Very attractive tan tone 
* Beautiful finish