While it is true that you can walk into most western clothing stores today and purchase a leather belt with some decorations on it at a very affordable rate, typically, it is almost impossible to find a high quality, hand tooled, authentic cowboy belt.  It is a void in modern western wear that we are currently filling.

We use the best cowhide leather we can find for durability, deep tooling, and striking appearance. We want your belt to be a real eye-grabber, while at the same time serving its primary purpose of holding up well to years of use.  Because we invest in and use the best quality leather available, our hand-tooled belts will strongly resist stretching and distortion of the tooling over time.

Even though these belts are designed to satisfy and serve working cowboys and cowgirls, you certainly don't need to be one to enjoy and value these distinctive works of art.  If you are looking to make a western fashion statement, certainly nothing will start and hold a conversation quite like a hand-tooled belt.  

Belts are priced according to the amount of time required to complete the pattern.  
Floral patterns require much more time than geometric designs.  

*** Prices listed are for up to 40 inch waist.                 
Please add $20.00 for sizes over 40 inches

** Call or email for prices on childrens belts
(406) 285-2521 9-5  MST Monday - Thursday

​Order Process​
1) Please select a pattern from the list above then go to the styles page and choose a style.
2) Then on to the finishes to decide on the color or leather tone you want.
3) Then go to the size page to find out how to determine your size. 
4) You might need a buckle or conchos - if so, look through the buckles page and make your selections.  We have other options available for sterling silver / gold plated custom buckles and / or conchos - contact us for information.
5)  Then please go to the order page to fill out our order form.  When you submit this form, office manager DeAnn Briggs will then reply to you via email providing you with a price quote and an approximate ship date.  If you are then in agreement with all of the details, you can submit payment to us and that will lock your order into our system to be processed on a first-come / first served basis.  For payment we do accept all major credit cards and Pay Pal.  To submit payment online, you can use our Payment page secured and processed by Pay Pal.  When we receive your payment in full, your order will be assigned a number to be added to our "build it list". If we have any questions about the details of your belt when we begin to build it, we will contact you prior to beginning.  We use the US Postal service for shipment and, if you have provided us with your email address on our order form, you will receive an email notice from Stamps.com (our shipping service) with a tracking number so you can keep track of your belt's progress.  

***  All prices are listed on this web site for custom options requested.  If you are not sure how much your belt is going to cost and you want a price quote before you submit the order form, please call us at  (406) 925-9876 Monday - Thursday 9-5. We will be happy to go over your requests and tell you how much your belt will cost prior to submitting the order form.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our web site  - we genuinely appreciate your interest and hope to have the opportunity to create a custom made, hand-tooled leather belt for you when you decide the time is right.

Our very best wishes!

Bill & DeAnn Briggs​​

Thirty years ago, most good cowboys and cowgirls owned and displayed a custom made, hand-tooled leather belt designed to fit their own distinctive style.  It was a prized possession worn for a lifetime and in some cases, passed down to the next generation- the value obvious in the fact that the belt was created and hand crafted specifically for the owner, requiring in some cases, many hours of intricate hand tooling.  

    Belt Patterns /Prices
LTW-F001  Wild Rose                                  $235.00
LTW-F002    Western Floral                        $235.00
LTW-F003           Cowboy Classic                 $235.00
LTW-G001     Traditional Basketweave      $155.00
LTW-G002    Arrowhead  Basketweave     $155.00
Copyright     Lone Tree Leather Works      2018     ***     Custom  made personalized hand-tooled western leather belts
We charge $20.00 (Total) for each name and $20.00 for a brand or initials.
LTW-F005     Oakleaves / Acorns                $235.00

The Tooling Pattern on a custom leather belt is the design that is installed down the center portion of the belt.  We offer three types of tooling patterns - Floral, Geometric, and Edge borders.  Prices listed are the "base" price - or beginning price for each belt ordered.   Additional options and features can be added for extra charge.

​​​To begin the order process, start here and select a tooling pattern.  Then go to our styles page and choose a style. Next you'll need to go to the finishes page (special features available here also) and select a color.  Don't forget to determine your size! - size page -   Once you have all the features of your new custom belt in mind, go to the      order page and fill out and submit the order form.  Names, cattle brands, initials, and symbols can be added there.

Custom Leather Belt    Wild Rose
Custom Leather Belt      Western Floral
Custom Leather Belt    Cowboy Classic
Custom Leather Belt    Oak Leaves & Acorns
Custom Leather Belt - Basket Weave
Custom Leather Belt - Arrowhead
Custom Leather Belt 
LTW-F006     Cheyenne                                $235.00
LTW-G005            Frontier                                 $125.00
LTW-G006            Chisholm                               $125.00
LTW-F007      Hardtwist                                $235.00
Hand Tooled Custom leather belt - Cheyenne
LTW-G007           Comstock                            $125.00
Note:  We use chicago screws on the fold end of our belts to attach the buckle.  We prefer chicago screws over snaps due to the fact that snaps will wear out over time - if you would prefer snaps, please note that in comments on your order form  - thanks!
Personalized leather belt - team ropers
****  NOTE  **** Most of out customers do not want a "keeper" included with their new belt so we do not include them with each new belt.  If you would like a keeper with your order, please remember to request one in the "Special Options" section of the order form -   thanks!
LTW - F008   Hawkeye                                  $235.00
LTW - F009         Brush Popper                                          $ 285.00
LTW - F010           Great Basin                                             $ 285.00
LTW - F011                Sunfire                                                $ 285.00
Premium Floral Patterns - 
The patterns below represent the very best we offer in floral leather carving.   They feature lifted leaves, more decorative cuts, and texturing.   Base prices listed are higher due to the fact that these patterns require 30% more labor to complete.  

We believe they are well worth the extra investment  !!​​
Sunfire Pattern  -  Natural finish  -  Black background
Geometric Patterns - 
LTW-G004         Tradesman                           $155.00
Floral Patterns -

LTLW-G003  Horizontal Basketweave         $155.00
LTW - F012             Red River                                         $285.00
LTW - F013                 Pan Handle                                        $285.00
LTW - F004          Rolling River                        $235.00
Edge Border Patterns -
LTW - F015                 Feathers                                              $285.00
LTW - F014              Roses                                         $285.00