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Custom hand tooled leather belt
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                    * Genuine USA made veg tanned cowhide 10 oz. weight
                    * Traditional hand tooled methods - Not"Embossed"​
                    * All original patterns designed by our craftsman
                    * Wide variety of finishes and color combinations
                    * Names, brands, and initials custom engraved
                    * Buckle Sets / Conchos available
                    * Cowboy, Rancher, Tapered, and Ranger styles available
                    * Custom western art options
                    * Extremely strong and durable with everyday wear​
                    * 30 day money back guarantee
                We are a fourth generation Montana cowboy family working
                ​within ​​​traditional hand tooling methods to create each custom
                ​belt as a true work of art designed and constructed to last a lifetime:

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Bill,                                                                                                                                                                                                2 - 14 - 2014

                    I don't know how to thank you enough!! I just got the package, and the belt is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for getting this done on such short notice, getting it to me early, and most of all, for your incredible craftsmanship. This will officially be the best Valentine's gift that I've ever given.

                    Thank you, and Happy Valentine's Day!
Hi Bill,                                                                                                                                      5-8-13

                    Just wanted you to know that Ted opened his 60th  birthday belt on Saturday. I didn't open the box and wanted it so we could all see it together. It was amazing. Ted had it on within minutes as he had to take in all the beauty of it. He loved the belt buckle!!!  This is truly a work of art and is something Ted has always wanted and it did not disappoint him !!! Thank you so much for fulfilling his dream. I can only say I am so glad I came upon your web site. Ted was also impressed with the cloth bag the belt came in. You spared no expense in presentation. Once again thank you for your help with this belt.

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Authentic Western Cowboy Gear
*****   Please take note - we are now using our laser engraver to create names, initials, cattle brands and titles when these options are requested.  We like the crisp, clean lines - the dark burned contrasting edges and the fact that we have several font options as well - here are some examples of how these options will look laser engraved.  

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Hello Bill.                                                                               Sept 15, 2014

I just came from the front door, delivery of my BELT,  and I am like a kid at Christmas time.
 First of, your wrapping of my belt, nice bag, and then the BELT, beautiful it is, just like I wanted it, the size (fit) can't believe it, right on the dot. The holes fit the buckle,
To sum it up, YOU GUY'S DID A FANTASTIC JOB, I might say, thank you.



Dear Bill and DeAnn,                                                               February 7, 2017

Just to let you know that my belt (plus Blackrock conditioner) arrived safely here on Friday.

One word: perfect! Although I’d formed a picture in my mind’s eye of the combo I’d ordered, the reality surpassed all my imaginings. The artistry, craftsmanship and quality of materials all just first class – a superb and authentic example of the cultural heritage of the American West. Thank you, I shall treasure it and wear it with pride!

Best Wishes,
Rob T.  -   England

We gladly ship to Canada & Australia $35.00 shipping
$15.00 shipping in continental USA
From the Big Sky CountRy of Montana!
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​Hi,                                                                                   05 - 25 - 2015

I recently returned home to Texas briefly and picked up my belt while I was there. I just wanted to let you know that the workmanship is outstanding and the belt is nicer than I had imagined it would be. Real quality craftsmanship is rarely encountered in this day and age, but my belt is truly exceptional. I could not be more pleased with what amounts to wearable art.

Thank you, Stu L.

Hi Bill,                                                                                                        04-10-2015

I wanted to let you know I received the belt on Friday, just in time for the 4th of July weekend. I must say that I am impressed by the quality of workmanship and the depth of tooling - it is quite beautiful. I was actually visiting in-laws for the weekend, and while downtown at the Seattle market, I looked at a number of belts in a number of leather booths - none of them were even CLOSE to the level of care and detail that you put into yours. Not even the same ballgame. Again, my appreciation, and I look forward to the many years of wear.

Best wishes,
We build western style custom leather belts:
November  3,  2015

​​Bill and De Ann, I received my Red rock Special belt this morning and it is absolutely stunning!! It is everything I would have hoped for and more! I will wear this work of art with pride and I will prepare myself for the many questions I will be asked about it.  I want to thank you for your wonderful craftmanship and your outstanding customer service. I will be ordering another belt in the very near future. You are continuing such a great tradition of hand made quality- you make me so very proud to be an American.

​Thank you again, you have made my day.

Bryan                                                                                              Longmont, CO​​
Dear Bill,                                                                                          11 - 05 - 2015

​My belt arrived today and my goodness, it has surpassed any and all expectation! It is exactly what I had envisioned, only miles better- the workmanship in the design and tooling is extraordinary and so delicate. The sizing is also spot on, down to a whisker. I really could not be more pleased, it is a truly beautiful piece of work!
Thank you very, very much!

​My best to you,
Dear Lone Tree Leather Works:                                                              11/18/2015

​​He opened his birthday gift early and he was so pleased. The belt you made is absolutely gorgeous.
Thank you so much. I am going to give your information to the leather shop in Tucson as they are looking for someone to recommend for hand-made Western belts.
Again, many thanks for your incredible art.

All the best,

Susan H.
Custom buckle sets  from R&R Buckles
​available in Nickel, Silver Plate and Sterling Silver -
Half - Breed pattern (cowboy classic front & back - basketweave in the side panels)
Black background / Oakwood Brown finish / floral rope edge - "Old Silver Conchos​"
Sorry for the delay in writing, but the belt arrived and it is just perfect!
​The tapering you did fits the buckle to a T, the waist size is spot on, and the entire construction of the belt -- the tooling, stitching, etc, could not be better. I am beyond thrilled and will certainly be buying
additional belts from you folks in the future.

Attached is a picture of the final product.

Thanks again.

Jared T.
Dear Lone Tree Leather Works:                                               February 2016

​​I just wanted to thank y'all from the bottom of my heart for the belt. I have never seen such beautifully crafted leather. I was worried about the size of the belt initially because I had to guess but it turned out PERFECT. I am so tickled that my boyfriend loves it. Thank you for such an awesome product!!!!

Rachel -    Texas​​
Dear DeAnn & Bill                                                                                 04/25/2016

My belt arrived today. It is perfect in every way. The fit is perfect. The feel is perfect. The appearance is perfect.

Thank you so much!

S. Young
Sandy, Utah
Bill and DeAnn:                                                                                     06/06/2015

We received our new belts partnered with our heirloom buckles. We wanted to complement your workmanship. These belts are works of art and look so handsome with the old buckles. I really like my Great Basin but Lauree' Red Rock Special with that 70 year old Hamley's silver and gold buckle set looks stunning. We're both proud to wear a Lone Tree Leather Works belt that honors my parent's heritage.

Thanks for offering a high quality product delivered as advertised and when promised. Its nice doing business with someone who has great pride at his craft and respect for his customers. We wish you great success in your business venture.

Warm regards,

Mike and Lauree L.
Hi William & DeAnn,                                                                           11/17/2016

Just to let you know I have received my belt thank you.
Absolute brilliant piece of leather craft, I've had a lot of people comment and ask where I got it?
I proudly tell them Lone Tree Leather Works Montana USA.
I Will wear it with pride, from start to finish its been an absolute pleasure dealing with you.

Keep up the great work.

Greg S.    Australia 

Laser Engraved Names, Initials,
                           Cattle Brands, and Phrases
                                                                          February  7, 2017

​​Dear Lone Tree Leather Works:                                  

​​Thank you!!!!! I just got home from Texas - Ran down to the post office to see it. It is beyond my expectations. Your craftsmanship is just beautiful. Thank you so much for helping me with this belt for this special buckle.

Robert K.   -   Ohio​​

Dear William and DeAnn,                                                    04-03-2017
Just a quick note to tell you how happy my husband is with the belt you made for him. After 25 years, his old belt finally needed replacing - he is very very fussy so I was nervous about ordering a new one.

We got your package last week and are so pleased with the beautiful craftsmanship and quality of the belt you made! Better even than the original. So thank you very very much.

With all best regards,
Feathers Tooling Pattern, Mahogany Red finish with Blue background
              * Engraved buckle with matching leather keeper​ *
Dear Lone Tree Leather Works -                                                                        06/2017

​​I ordered a custom belt from y'all a couple of months ago!! I am in the Army and ended up having to be gone for a month doing some training when my belt came in the mail! Otherwise I would have emailed sooner! I got home yesterday and I just have to let y'all know that I absolutely love my belt! It fits like it was tailored specifically for me! From the first touch I could tell that it will last me a very long time unlike my other belts that rip and tear within a couple of months!! Just wanted to say thank you!! It is obvious that y'all take a lot pride in your work and you can expect further business from me!! Thanks again and God Bless y'all!!

Thomas C  -   Mississippi​​
Dear Bill and DeAnn,                                                                                        06/2017

First off thank you, my boyfriend loved the belt and said it was the best birthday gift that he got! I let him open the package from the mail so I didn't even see it before him and I was stunned when he took it out of the brown fabric bag. I was very impressed with the precision and clean lines for the arrowhead basket weave and the brand on the tip was the selling point for the both of us. I will definitely be back for more orders. Once again thank you so much!

Love, a very happy customer, Lizz     -    Idaho

You choose the features and options you want . . . . . .
                   We build your custom, hand tooled leather belt​

​​Bill and DeAnn....Wow, excellent, stupendous, beautiful etc. The custom taper works perfectly for the buckle. Sensational....Thanks....

​​John M

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Hi De Ann,                                                                                                           1-19-2018

I got my belt a few days ago. I have had a lot of belts over the years. This is one of the best three I have ever had (the other two outfits were a long time ago, and went out of business).

Your belts are expensive, but well worth the money because they last so long. Your craftsmanship is top notch, and it is real hard to find well made custom belts these days (especially made by cowboys that know what a good belt is),

Fess F.​​
     ****   Due to complications with import fees and other issues, we no longer ship to other foreign countries - very sorry  ****
Hello!                                                                                                               1-29-2018
I recently ordered a belt from you guys for my boyfriend and I just received it. I am so extremely happy with how it turned out and wanted to let you guys know that if I ever want to order another belt I will be 110% ordering from you guys. The exchange breaks my bank but it is worth every penny! Amazing work!! Thank you so much!!!

Kristina  -   Canada​​
Hand Tooled Custom Leather Belt - Great Basin Pattern
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Hand Tooled personalized leather belt  - initials on the tip
Custom made Hand Tooled leather belts  - Samples
Hand Tooled Genuine Leather belts  - personalized name belt
Custom made leather belt  - Feathers pattern with buck stitching
Custom Leather belt  - Great Basin pattern
Custom leather belt -
​personalized belt