Wildlife Series
Our Wildlife theme belts will take "Hand Tooled Leather Belts" to a whole new level !

​​Lone Tree Leather Works is very excited to offer a brand new series of belt patterns titled "Wildlife of the West"

The Briggs family have been big game hunters and outdoors men in the West for over five ​​generations and have always had a great love and respect for the Wildlife of the West.  Belt maker Bill Briggs has been a professional Elk hunting guide / Outfitter for over twenty years.  Our son Roland is a very gifted artist specializing in pencil sketches, scratch art and sculpture.   Naturally, the ol' belt carver twisted Roland's arm into trying his hand at some leather art - we bought him some special tools and  Wow .  . . . .are we excited with the results!  We have carved out a few of these belts with a Rocky Mountain Elk theme - they are amazing and they require a great deal of time and skill to complete.

We are in the process of creating other patterns with different Rocky Mountain wildlife animal themes.   If you are interested in ordering one of these ​​wildlife theme belts, please fill out the contact form below and submit it to us.  If you have Western, Rocky Mountain Wildlife in mind that you would like us to work on, please include that suggestion with your form.  

One thing you can count on, these belts will be completely unique and likely become a collectors item some day.  ​​

​Base price:   $450.00​​

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For questions about the Wildlife Series or to discuss your project, please contact Lone Tree Leather Artist Roland Briggs at (406) 285-2522