Retail belt on the left at the adjustment holes - the stress point where it ripped out

Lone Tree Leather custom belt on the right - a cross section of genuine 10 oz. cowhide hand tooled and finished  - this is my definition of the term so widely thrown around in the belt industry of "Full Grain Leather" -

​​We use a different term  -  "Solid Leather"

Lone Tree Leather custom belt on top

Three retail belts on bottom at adjustment holes​​ - all trashed in less than a year with daily use
These retail belts probably did look pretty attractive hanging on the rack . . . . not bad at all for looks
But looks really only goes so far - it's what is under the hood that really counts.  

​​Here you can sort of see the junk in between the top and bottom layers of thin leather - the grey stuff.  It's not leather at all - just cheap felt.  

We pay $20.00 for a raw belt blank made of genuine 10 oz. vegetable tanned American cow hide.  The materials in this belt likely actually cost less than $1.00​​
"Full Grain Leather" . . . . . . . . .  
Not by our definition but what do you think?​
Thank goodness in the good ol' USA, individuals still have the right and the opportunity to compete head to head with the huge corporations for the sale of goods and services.  In a fair market environment, Lone Tree Leather Works is striving to provide a genuine leather belt that is both pleasing to the eye AND highly durable. We believe that product quality and customer satisfaction still remain the ruling factors in a free enterprise market.  
Retail leather belts  vs.  Lone Tree custom leather belts
Over the years, we have had many potential customers contact us and ask - "What is the difference between your belts and the ones that I can buy in the stores?"  It's an excellent question and one that we are happy to address.  I suppose the most obvious and potentially the most critical difference is the quality of the leather that we use - 10 oz. genuine vegetable tanned American cow hide.   Our first priority is to build a leather belt for you that will last a very long time - 20 years or better with everyday use.   The second difference would be that it needs to look really nice - in the authentic tooling patterns that we create for you using all hand tools and artistic craftsmanship.   At least 90% of the leather belts hanging in the retail stores today are created with machinery in 3rd world countries.  The pictures below will speak for themselves.   Understand that there are a few exceptions to this rule.  Some western stores do still carry good, solid leather belts crafted here in the USA - but very few.  Price for any product will always reflect the quality of materials and craftsmanship.  

​                           " The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long after the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotton"​
*** samples of retail belts provided by an actual customer  ***
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