Refurbishing Services
Whether you're looking to spruce up an old belt, or are just looking to add something that wasn't chosen the first time around, our refurbishing services are the perfect solution for you!

Simply choose from the options below, fill out our refurbishing services form, submit payment, and send us your belt. We'll take care of the rest!



        Restain and Refinish                                $25.00​
        Repaint and Refinish                               $45.00
        Repaint, Restain, and Refinish               $65.00
        Add a Stitched Edge Border                   $45.00
        Add the Lined and Stitched Option       $65.00
        Replace Stitched Border                         $65.00
        Replace Lined and Stitched Option       $85.00
        Replace Buckstitching                             $125.00
        Replace Loop Lacing                               $150.00

 Additional options may be available upon request.
​Please contact us with any questions or special orders!

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Refurbishing Services Form

Paying by personal check:

Payable:  Lone Tree Leather Works

Bill & DeAnn Briggs
Lone Tree Leather Works
PO Box 240083
Dell, Montana  59724

Paying via Pay Pal​​: