Genuine  Leather Belts
Over the years of operating our custom leather belt shop here in Montana, we have come to realize that there are a lot of people out there who need a well made, quality leather belt that will last, but they cannot afford the cost of a truly custom made belt.  It is also true that a lot of people are frustrated with the poor quality of belts offered in the retail stores.  For these reasons, we have arranged to have these genuine leather belts hand crafted for us by a Saddle Shop in Colorado, USA.  Be assured that the leather is of premium quality and strength and we think the appearance and craftsmanship is Excellent!  Because of the great prices, we cannot offer custom options such as names, cattle brands and all the many other options that we offer from our Custom Leather belt shop.   Even so, you will find a great variety of styles and finishes for purchase here.  Each belt is purchased just as it appears in the photo.  These belts are not machined .  . they are all hand crafted in the finest traditions of the trade.  If you are just looking for a very strong, high quality leather belt that will last for many years with every day use, you will never find a higher quality belt at such an incredible price.  

​​We are so confident that you will be thrilled with the quality of these belts that we are offering a "No Questions Asked, 30 day money back guarantee" with each purchase.  Just return the belt to us within 30 days and we will refund your money in full.

Please use the order form at the bottom of the page to submit your order / Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.​​

- FREE  SHIPPING -      Buckles are included and easily remove-able if you would like to use your own buckle

Classic Hand Tooled Floral Patterns
A Premium combination of 8 oz. genuine hand tooled leather with a smooth, thin leather backer and stitched edge border
    -  Very nice, classy dress belt that will hold up to every day wear.​  -  1 1/2" width full - length
Hand Tooled Floral Patterns with "Filigree"
Classic Basketweave  
Another beautiful floral tooling pattern with "cut-outs" and colored back grounds.  These belts are very dynamic and visually appealing.  Lined with a smooth backer - stitched edge border.   1 1/2" width full length.
Good ol' traditional basketweave tooling patterns here - deeply tooled with a nice smooth backer - stitched edge border in three different color tones.    Excellent choice for an every day belt - very strong         1 1/2" width full length
The "Ranch Hand"
This style belt is just an excellent choice for an every day belt - living up to it's name, the Ranch Hand is two layers of strong leather glued together back to back for strength and stitched down the edges.  It features a nice weave stitch pattern down the center of the belt.   1/2" width full length. 
Dress Belt
This beautiful belt style is designed for everyday wear at the office or with semi-formal attire.  With rolled edges and a domed center, it is very classy yet conservative in appearance.   Above all, this belt will last forever with every day use.
1 1/4" width full length to fit inside of any pant loops​
Standard Utility Leather Strap
If your style is just a good, plain leather strap then this is the belt for you.  One single thickness of good grade, 8 oz. vegetable tanned cowhide.    It will still hold up well to everyday use.  1 1/2" width full length.
Mystery Weave
What you see is what you get with this unique style belt.   One strap of 1 1/4" genuine leather in a three strand braid around the back.  Very unique and classy on jeans.  
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Belt Order Process
1) Fill out order form below -   Be sure to include the corresponding Item number for the belt that you                                  want to order and also the size.  Sizing for these belts is the belt industry standard size you would use to buy a          belt in a retail store.
            * Generally, for men and women your belt size will be 2 inches larger than your waist measurement 

                Waist sizes 28" - 34"  add 1 inch to your waist size
                                   35" - 40"  add 2 inches to your waist size
                                   41" - 50"  add 3 inches to your waist size

                                    **** Sizes are in full inch increments ​​​​​​​​ 

** If you want to be very sure on size, please measure a belt you are currently wearing form the very end of the buckle      down to the hole that you are hooking your buckle in most often.​​

2)  ​​Submit Payment via our Pay Pal payment processing page - click on the link directly below the order form.
        The amount to pay is the price listed for the belt you selected - shipping is FREE

****  Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery via US Mail.  ​​

******* To order multiple belts, please email us - in the subject line add "Caballero belts"


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CU 5                 $225.00
CU 6                  $225.00
CU 7                 $225.00
CU 1               $195.00
CU 2               $195.00
CU 3               $195.00
CU 4               $195.00
BW 1             $145.00
BW 2          $145.00
BW 3         $145.00
RH 1          $125.00
RH 2         $125.00  
RH 3         $125.00
DB 1        $125.00
DB 2        $125.00
DB           $125.00
RT 1              $75.00
RT 2              $75.00
  RT 3             $75.00
MB 1          $95.00
MB 2          $95.00
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Floral Tooled Dress Belts in Tapered Style
If you are looking for a little class, this combo will deliver.   Nice floral patterns with colored backgrounds  - these belts are 1 1/2" wide in the main body tapered down to 1" at the buckle.   Same premium 8 oz. leather with a smooth backer and stitched edge border.   *** when purchasing this belt, be sure to indicate one or two keepers in the comments of the order form ***
TP 1             $225.00
TP  2           $225.00
TP 3            $225.00
Order these belts using the standard retail belt sizing system
After you have submitted the belt order form above then click on the link below to process payment for your order.  The amount you owe will be exactly the amount listed beside the belt item number you selected.   Shipping is Free in the Continental USA  -    

*** Add $15.00 for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Australia.
****    We do not ship to other foreign countries  *****​​​
When we have received your order form and your payment, we will send you an email confirming that we have received both.  So please double check that your email address and phone number are accurate on the order form before you submit it.  We need your phone number as a back - up contact source in case email does not go through.
Please remember to allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery of your new belt.