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Videos Page
Here are some short videos designed to demonstrate some of the custom options and features available from Lone Tree Leather Works.    ** Prices may have increased a little since these videos were posted.

** Please do consider that it is difficult to accomplish perfect light for a video of leather products - the finishes reflect the light back to the camera  - factor in that the belts in these videos will look a little "washed out" for color -  the photos of belts here on our web site are more accurate for color -​​  we just want to you to see the different styles, options and designs that are possible.   Also, click on the You Tube icon in the lower right corner of each video to view from You Tube in full screen.
Customer requested that we build a belt to match her antique buckle set
Good example of a really nice every day belt combo
Ranger style belt with Engraved buckle set
Group of (6) Groomsman's belts - wedding package
* All in our "Half Breed Combo" pattern​
A brief overview of several custom belts finished and ready to be shipped out to customers.   In this video clip you will see several nice combinations of options available in tooling patterns, finishes, laser engraved initials and brands as well as other nice features
Here's another batch of custom belts ready for shipment.  There is some great variety here as well  -