Dell, Montana
Custom Leather Belts

Lone Tree Leather Works got started in business to serve those who are looking for a great custom made leather belt.   We are a custom belt shop at heart and belt maker Bill Briggs really enjoys the variety of adding your custom items to your order. 

Every belt we build begins with a nice, clean leather belt strip with absolutely nothing on it.   We use individual hand tools in every step of the process, literally hand carving, hand stamping and hand crafting the leather belt.  Cattle brands are very popular and we put a lot of initials on the tips .

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You can incorporate any of our floral patterns into the spaces between your designs to really round things out nice.   We might also suggest some nice silver conchos to match your belt buckle just over the rear pockets on your britches.   Below are just a few examples of what we can add to your design.

​​Here's a section of the "Half-Breed" - a combination of floral front and back and geometric side panels

If you are serious about placing an order for a custom belt, give us a call - (406) 925-9876.  We will have a good visit and
​discuss what you have in mind and let you know if we can do it.  
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Ranger Style custom job with customers' combination of leather colors
Custom Leather Belt
Personalized leather belts
Personalized leather belt
Great customers from the "Land Down Under"  - 
"Feather belt pattern"
Hawkeye tooling pattern  - Black Background  -  Mahogany Red finish - White looped lacing