Master belt maker Bill Briggs is a fifth generation cowboy - ranch raised on good horses and grass fed beef.  He has had the good fortune to have spent most of his days in the great outdoors of the west punchin' cows, fixin' fence, hunting, trapping, and having a good time in general.  He has enjoyed twenty years as a Big Game Outfitter and Guide, ten years as a Montana Peace Officer and County Sheriff, and many more vocations too numerous to mention.  Above all, Bill is a cowboy - always has been and always will be.  

He has always been fascinated with the beauty and durability of leather and providing good people with a unique, hand-tooled leather belt in the old traditional styles, gives him a great deal of satisfaction. Ask him to sign and date yours when you order. Who knows, it might be a collector's item someday.

Bill and his wife DeAnn now live with their children in the small ranching community of Dell, Montana where they both grew up on family ranches.  He enjoys working with leather and continues to be active in the great outdoors.
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Artwork by: Charles Dayton
The Briggs Clan: (L to R) Adrianna, Bethaney, Roland, Kallie, John, DeAnn, Bill